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Finally the album you have been waiting for:

A Journey Into the Divine Feminine

A gorgeous voice, rich and assured seamlessly blends with refreshing melodic arrangements. These songs and sacred chants offer a sensually powerful experience, evoking feelings of yearning, celebration of life, love and wonder for the divine world.

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This rich collection of heart-centred powerful songs and chants in Aramaic, ancient Egyptian and Hebrew evoke the wonder of the Divine Feminine wisdom.

Inana reveals the healing balance that comes through honest connection with the divine feminine self – a unique collection, Inana is a thought-provoking, sensitive and energizing album.

The co-creators

Colleen de Winton: Vocalist/writer/arrangement

Colleen's voice embodies the sensuality, clarity and power of the feminine. Her unique talent as a singer/songwriter and workshop facilitator is informed by her experience and study in sound healing, intentional breath work, radical inquiry, sacred sexuality, chant and the ancient language of Aramaic. Colleen's studies and concerts have taken her around the world. She was the first non-national to win the coveted "Blue Messenger" award in France for excellence in voice and performance. In the past four years she journeyed to many sacred sights in Israel, Egypt, France and Bali, finding a way to unite her love of music and spiritual unfolding. Read more about Colleen here.

George Christie: Music Producer/musician/arrangement

George's raison d'être in music is to capture the soul of an artist and the spirit of a composition. George is a music producer, composer and multi instrumentalist. He has worked with artists from around the world on projects ranging from the commercial to the avant-garde. As a musician and producer he is self-taught and, from a very young age, learned his trade in at the deep end: on the road and in the recording studio. His compositional and production roots lie in almost every genre of music from electronica and ambient world music to rock, pop and acoustic. Through various record, publishing and production deals he has had a successful career as both producer and artist.

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Inana is an album that can be used for workshops, chanting groups and meditation. Give it as a gift to that special woman or simply to treat yourself.


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